iPhone SE vs Nexus 5X video comparison: The $400 Challenge!

Let’s cap this comparison on price. We’re still months away from new iPhones and Nexii, but what about folks who just need to buy a phone today? We’re looking at the mid-pack offerings from Google and Apple, and we’re staying just under a $400 limit.

We’re pitting the Nexus 5X against the iPhone SE, and these two compete fairly well on paper. Both have solid cameras. Both phones have fingerprint sensors. Both devices should receive timely updates from their respective manufacturers. Yet, these two are also VERY different animals in terms of screen size, screen resolution, and overall build quality.

Platform comparisons are never easy, but this showdown delivered some interesting results for what individuals might value in a mid-pack-priced, daily driver smartphone.

If you had $400 dollars to spend today, which phone might deliver the better bang for buck? Google’s Nexus 5X does battle against Apple’s iPhone SE, and we look at build quality, aesthetics, power, software, camera, and battery life. Let’s see which phone is a better fit for you! Hit the more info “i” icon during the video to vote in our viewer poll!


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