Slice: iPhone SE sales, while small, continue Android draw

Slice Intelligence has redefined the Apple fanboy into the Apple fanman.

It has sorted through four million e-receipts from the first four days of iPhone SE pre-orders and has some lovely and colorful bar graphs for you to look at. Some of the takeaways continue upon what we’ve been figuring out about Apple buyer trends for the past several years. Here are some of them, bullet-pointed:

  • Comparing first weekend sales, the iPhone 6s only got 54 percent of sales the iPhone 6 had. By that same measure, the iPhone SE got only 3 percent.
  • The largest contingent of iPhone SE buyers were upgraders that held out for at least two years (48.7 percent). iPhone 6s buyers were mostly Apple upgraders (49.3 percent) with two-year sitters-out in at a close second (40.4 percent).
  • 16 percent of iPhone SE customers came from an Android phone compared with 10 percent of iPhone 6s customers.
  • iPhones, on the whole, are most popular with those between age 25 and 34. The second-largest are group for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s buyers is the 35-44 demographic; for the iPhone SE, it’s the 45- to 54-year-olds.
  • Compared with recent iPhones, the iPhone SE has the largest 65+ contingent at 15.7 percent of customers.
  • Men make up 77 percent of the iPhone SE audience. They make up 69 percent of all iPhone buyers.
  • College graduates made up 46 percent of those who purchased the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. They only had 39 percent of the iPhone SE sales.
  • “[…] there were not sizable differences in income between SE buyers and those of other iPhones”

We may yet have seen the sales savior that Apple and its components vendors would want after a prolonged slump in demand. While Android has a firm grip on global device sales, Apple’s still able to make strong grabs through app development and a somewhat convincing device. Finally, we’ll refrain from nasty caricatures about who the typical iPhone customer has now become, but if this signals a conversion of feature phones, which older types typically cling onto as the mobile world continues to churn innovations out by the year.

All the numbers in all the visual forms are below the source link for your eyes to hop on.

Source: Slice Intelligence
Via: PhoneArena

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