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iPhone SE refurb for $85 also comes with discounted Straight Talk service if you want

By Jules Wang July 4, 2018, 5:10 pm

The cool thing about no-contract services is that if you decide that you want to cut the line for a month, you just do it. No fees to pay. And with this iPhone SE deal, you aren’t even obligated to use the bundled wireless service if you’d prefer another carrier.

Walmart is selling the original iPhone SE with 32GB of storage for $85.49. Included with the device is a free month of service on Straight Talk Wireless with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of LTE-speed data, typically $35. Customers can get 10GB of data for just $95.49 while full-bore unlimited data is $105.49. Again, if you don’t need Straight Talk, just pay the $85.49 and throw away the activation code. It’s an iPhone after all, you’re a grown adult who’s got your own SIM to use.

With the dearth of an iPhone SE sequel, this may be the option to take for Apple fans with small hands.

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