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Mod transforms iPhone SE to look like a modern iPhone

By Stephen Schenck April 7, 2016, 11:28 am

There’s a lot to like about Apple’s latest iPhone, as the iPhone SE gives users a compact handset that pairs modern processing power with an accessible price tag. But the phone’s debut hasn’t been entirely without controversy, and there’s a contingent of Apple fans out there who are something less than in love with the smartphone’s look. Sure, going with an iPhone SE that mirrors the design of the iPhone 5s so strongly can be convenient if you’ve got old 5s accessories lying around, but shouldn’t Apple’s newest iPhone model look like the rest of the phones it’s released over the past couple years? If you’re up to the task, now you can take matters into your own hands, as we check out a mod that transforms the iPhone SE into a phone that looks like a four-inch iPhone 6.


The key here is the availability of four-inch shells based on the rounded-edge iPhone 6 design, already produced by outlets in China for use with the iPhone 5s. These components may not be up to Apple’s exacting quality standards, but if you’re shopping for a shell that will at least look the part, you’ve got options out there.

Armed with that shell, you’ve still got the delicate task of moving all the iPhone SE’s electronics over the new case – and that’s no small task. Even users skilled at iPhone disassembly will probably still want to block out a couple hours to get the job done right.

But see things through to the end, and manage not to break (or lose) anything in the process, and you’ve got yourself a phone that looks remarkably like one of Apple’s current full-sized iPhones – and performs like one, too – while still offering the classic feel of a four-inch model.

Source: ComputerBild.de


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