iPhone profits make up 94 percent of the global smartphone pie

Android might still eat iOS’s lunch in terms of global usage share, but with the annual bean counts coming up in the tens of billions, you have to wonder how much money the iPhone makes for Apple. Well, at least for this past quarter, it seems like we’ve reached a high watermark.

94 percent. That figure according to Canaccord Genuity research.

Samsung came in second place with a staggering 11 percent while Sony, HTC, BlackBerry and Lenovo ended up in the negatives and, thus, accounts for the mathematical discrepancy. Compare these numbers with the shipment report from this quarter: the iPhone represented 14.5 percent of units moved for sale. Samsung pushed 24.5 percent. Each of those units, though, talks money: the average selling price for an iPhone this past season was $670 while Samsung phones went for about $180. iPhone margins are better than a third.

As Tim Cook projected during its Q4 earnings conference call, Apple looks to capitalize on a holiday season teeming with OS switchers.

Source: Genuity Canaccord
Via: PhoneArena, AppleInsider

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