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iOS 12 is available to download not only for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but for older devices as well. Even iPhone 5s owners are able to get the newest OS, and Apple was excited about the features. But, aside from the new tricks it brings to the table, Apple also promised iOS 12 will bring a performance boost over iOS 11. As it turns out, iOS 12 is indeed faster than iOS 11 on the same hardware, as ArsTechnica found out.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Plus were tested in various scenarios to verify Apple’s claims. As it turns out, the iPhone performance has been really boosted, with the iPhone 5s being on average 17 percent faster on iOS 12. The situation is similar on the iPhone 6 Plus as well, as the phone is on average 14 percent faster running iOS 12.

Check out the tables below to see the launch times. Interestingly, one or Apple’s claims — the keyboard popping up faster — was not observed during the tests. Also, the test devices were running iOS 12 GM. Gold Master releases are as close as it gets to the final, public, build, but they’re still betas.

iPhone performance: iPhone 5s

Safari 1.2 seconds 1.5 seconds 1.44 seconds 1.15 seconds -20.6%
Camera 0.9 seconds 0.9 seconds 0.97 seconds 0.81 seconds -16.2%
Settings 0.9 seconds 1.3 seconds 1.16 seconds 0.86 seconds -26.1%
Mail 1.4 seconds 1.8 seconds 1.67 seconds 1.36 seconds -18.5%
Messages 0.8 seconds 1.1 seconds 1.03 seconds 0.89 seconds -14.2%
Calendar 0.8 seconds 1.2 seconds 0.94 seconds 0.85 seconds -9.6%
Maps 2.2 seconds 3.2 seconds 2.60 seconds 2.32 seconds -10.7%
Notes 1.5 seconds 2.0 seconds 1.89 seconds 1.59 seconds -15.9%
Cold boot 26.6 seconds 38.6 seconds 27.67 seconds 25.28 seconds -8.7%

iPhone performance: iPhone 6 Plus

Safari 1.23 seconds 1.02 seconds -17.3%
Camera 1.0 seconds 0.82 seconds -18.3%
Settings 0.95 seconds 0.75 seconds -21.7%
Mail 1.27 seconds 1.14 seconds -10.5%
Messages 0.79 seconds 0.73 seconds -7.2%
Calendar 0.76 seconds 0.67 seconds -11.9%
Maps 2.25 seconds 1.88 seconds -16.3%
Notes 1.39 seconds 1.18 seconds -15.1%
Cold boot 25.49 seconds 22.18 seconds -13.0%


Similar performance improvements were observed on the iPad Mini 2 as well, so check out the source link if you’d like to see those numbers.

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