Sharp invests big in production line possibly for the iPhone OLED screen

It’s definitely early to talk about the next iPhones, but that doesn’t stop the industry from speculating. We’ve heard plenty of rumors that at least one model will be equipped with an OLED display (whether that’s a 2017 model or later is unknown), and while unnamed Samsung insiders talk about 100 million units, LG has also been mentioned as a possible supplier of screens.

The other giant in the industry, Sharp, has been also mentioned as a possible supplier, and now, according to the latest hear-say, the Foxconn-owned company is preparing to invest 100 billion yen (roughly $864 million U.S.) in an OLED production line. Production should start in 2019 (if Apple sticks to it’s naming convention, then we’re looking at the iPhone 8s, but who knows?) at Foxconn Electronics’ factory in Zhengzhou City. This is also where Foxconn is building smartphones for Apple, hence it is believed that the investment is aimed directly at producing iPhone displays.

Of course, this is so far out that anything else than a rather large dose of skepticism is pure wishful thinking.

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