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Along with the iPhone 13 series, Apple also (quietly) announced its new MagSafe Wallet for iPhone. The new MagSafe Wallet for iPhone supports Find My tracking, which means you can track the last location of your wallet in case it goes missing.

Apple’s new wallet is the latest Apple product to join the Find My ecosystem. Thanks to the Find My integration, you can see the last location of your Wallet on your iPhone, or any other Apple device. However, it doesn’t work like Apple’s real-time tracker – AirTag.

In case you lose your wallet, you’ll only be able to see its last location and not its real-time location. The Verge contemplates that the MagSafe Wallet itself lacks location tracking, however, the iPhone notes “when the MagSafe magnet is or isn’t attached to your phone.” And, as soon as the MagSafe unplugs, the phone updates its location.

Despite the lack of real-time tracking, this feature might prove useful.

The new MagSafe Wallet has been priced at $59 and comes in five colors (Golden Brown, Dark Cherry, Sequoia Green, Midnight, and Wisteria). It works with all the iPhones of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 series. It’s available for purchase right now, and ships in 4-6 days. You can buy using the link given below.

    Apple MagSafe Wallet with Find My Support
      Buy Apple's latest MagSafe Wallet with support for Find My tracking through Apple Online Store.

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