China grants Qualcomm iPhone sales ban, but Apple has a workaround

Apple and Qualcomm have been going at it for a while now disputing legal problems. This is one of the reasons why Apple has decided to go with Intel for the modems that we find in today’s iPhone models. The latest news about this legal problem has come from CNBC, where China bans the import and sale of nearly all iPhone models.

CNBC: “The court has banned the import and sale of nearly all iPhone models in China, according to a statement Monday from Qualcomm. Apple is already disputing the scope of the ban, saying it only applies to iPhones that run on an older operating system.”

To be more specific, all models from the 6s through the X are affected by this court decision, except the XR, XS and XS Max models. The issue is that Apple has already solved Qualcomm’s complaints with iOS 12, so they would only have to update these devices to the latest OS to avoid the ban. Still, the extension of this decision is still unclear. The only sure thing is that this legal battle is far from over.

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