Apple reaches record number of people switching to iPhone from Android

Apple had its Q3 2015 earnings call yesterday and apparently the numbers are looking really good for the Cupertino-based company. Record sales are being driven by the iPhone and the Apple Watch, according to the information from the earnings call and the official press release. However, aside from “record third quarter sales of iPhone”, we didn’t get any specific numbers, in terms of units sold or shipped.

Putting that to the side, it looks like the success of the iPhone is mostly due to its reception on both developed and emerging markets, as well as an all-time-high in terms of smartphone users switching to iPhone from Android.

Tim Cook mentioned “Android switchers” four times in the hour-long earnings call, and, apparently this is a big deal for Apple, a company that has been tracking users switching to iPhone from Android for quite some time. There could be multiple reasons for the switch, but we’re interested in whether you have switched to iPhone from Android (yes, we know, there are a lot of you who acted the other way around).

Here are Tim Cook’s mentions of “Android switchers”:

The strong iPhone results were broad-based in both developed and emerging markets, and we experienced the highest switcher rate from Android that we’ve ever measured.

We also are incredibly happy to see the highest Android switcher rate that we’ve observed. And so, from our point of view, the iPhone is doing outstanding.

But as I back up from it and look at it from more of a macro point of view, the thing that makes me very bullish is the 27 percent number I just quoted; the fact that we are seeing the highest Android switcher rate; the customer satisfaction that we have on the iPhone versus the competition—it’s a huge margin; the loyalty rate that we have versus competition, an enormous gap there.

In certain geographies, the way that we win is to get [Android] switchers. In other geographies, the way that we win is to get people to buy their first smartphone. In other geographies, the way that we win is to get people to upgrade from their current iPhone.

Source: Apple
Via: iMore

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