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Apple increases iPhone cellular app update limit to 200MB from 150MB

By Anton D. Nagy May 31, 2019, 4:00 pm
App Store

If you are used to mostly utilizing your cellular data on your iPhone or iPad instead of WiFi, you probably know that Apple required you to connect to a hotspot in case some of the updates for your apps were larger than 150MB. This was a general policy in place in order to protect your data usage for every app update (or app for that matter) installed via the App Store to an iPhone or cellular-enabled iPad.

Apple has increased this update from the 150MB limit it imposed in September of 2017 to 200MB, MacRumors reports. While not many apps require updates that are this large, Apple is still yet to offer users the choice to opt-out, in case they have fast unlimited plans.

While not a huge increase, it is still a step forward and less annoying for those who don’t really care about their updates. However, in most cases, developers are keeping the updates and the apps themselves below that limit, which might come in handy if you forget you are roaming, or running low on your data allowance.

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