Survey says snobby iPhone owners are dating snobby iPhone owners

Every so often, we come across a data point or two that looks really out of place and silly, but makes for inflammatory conversation. It’s another one of those times, but this time, we’re talking about mobile technology and budding relationships.

Used technology marketplace Decluttr has posted an informal survey on its blog in which it asked single US participants what phones they used, which brand of phone they’d prefer their date to have and what sorts of naughty texting (no, not in that way) they get up to while on dates.

The big results? 7 out of 10 people prefer a partner with an iPhone rather than an Android device. In terms of cross-platform reciprocation, 65 percent of iPhone owners would consider going out with an Android user while just 53 percent of Droiders would make plans with an Apple player.

Why does this all matter? Apparently, almost 40 percent of respondents say that the type of phone their date has makes up at least part of the first impression they have.

Once couples get past all the gesturing and actually meet up, Decluttr found that of people who text during a bad first date, two out of five are iPhone owners with the rest being Android owners. But the iPhone users tend to be the ones that use text other people about their crumbling night out, flake out on a date or break up with someone over text. We don’t know if the sample size distorts the percentages of how many Android owners conduct themselves poorly, we’re only given the top-line takeaways.

We don’t know how many people were included in the survey pool nor if these people were recruited while they were using Decluttr — thus, users’ brand preferences for selling and buying phones on the site may come into play. It almost seems like this survey was meant to get people to find out what Decluttr is…

That said, it’s our position that we should be judgmental not on what phone is in our partners’ hands, but how they use that phone.

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