Most people will have to live with the iPhone 9’s thicker bezels

There’s been a whole bunch of confusion over what we’ve covered so far on what the iPhone might hold in 2018, so we’re going to take a little time to recap what’s up so far.

Apple is rumored to announce three new iPhone models in September. The cheapest one may price out between $600 and $800 to start with while the two premium models with extremely colorful and advanced OLED screens — just like the iPhone X — are forecast to cost at least $899.

While all of them are expected to adopt the iPhone X design language with limited bezels and a notch on top, that one “affordable” model, which market analysts believe will take up the majority of new model sales in the upcoming year, has had to go through a few compromises. Supply chain sources have been telling us that one of them is the bezels.

This 6.1-inch size is said to come with an older display technology, an LCD. Given its restraints, it’s been thought that it would need more room to work and would require a bit more bezel room to cover up its inner workings. A recent report suggested that a new, thinner backlight component supporting the LCD panel would allow this $700-ish iPhone to achieve thinner bezels. Whether it meant thinner bezels than it otherwise would have or thinner bezels than the ones we’ve seen on mock-ups already leaked, we don’t know.

But it seems a new leaked image has come out from sources to Ben Geskin, an industrial artist and aspiring leaks reporter who’s building his source base. In this first photo, we see what are apparently the top panel components of all three new iPhones, along with their display span in inches.

Geskin also superimposed renders he has made of the designs on top of the picture for imaginative reference. The more premium 5.8- and 6.5-inch sizes take advantage of the self-illuminating OLED panels and can cram bezels down to 2mm on each side or 4mm total on both sides. The 6.1-incher, despite its slightly intimidating look, comes to 2.5mm each side or 5mm on both sides. That’s a 25 percent difference and it looks a little scarier than it seems, but it’s a pretty decent design piece overall and a big upgrade from the staid standard iPhone design that’s been carried on for a decade.

That said, we’re still shy of a couple months from putting calipers on those bezels, so stay tuned. Rumors may be made of half-truths and secret snapshots, but hopefully you’ve got a clearer idea of what’s going on for the moment.

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