The most affordable of three iPhones this year may feature a new-generation LCD display from a Japanese supplier. It’ll take a while for Apple to start selling it, though.

Rumors have placed the starting price of this 6.1-inch model at an average of $700 as a counter to two more expensive models with OLED displays. This LCD model, which we’re deeming the iPhone 9, will rely primarily on third-generation “Pixel Eyes” panels from Japan Display Inc. — these panels can be cut so that the corners can be rounded.

Macotakara reports that JDI began mass production of its LCDs this month and have suffered with yield rates of near 1 percent per lot. Test batches done in the preceding weeks showed similar yield limits with light leakage being the common problem.

Some Apple analysts and supplier tipsters have suggested that Apple would delay the launch of sales for the iPhone 9 into November as a matter of allowing the two more expensive models to gather more spotlight appeal and sell better. Projected demand for the LCD iPhone outweighs the two OLED models cumulatively by a factor of about 3 to 1. However, Macotakara‘s sources suggest that sustained manufacturing pains seem to be a bigger influence in this rumored delay.

Apple has made its crackdown on employee and contractor information leaks very apparent — an internal memo about its crackdown was leaked, funnily enough. This particularly conflicting scenario we’ve been reporting on could be a sign that Apple’s managing its narrative down the supply line. Rumor reporting on major devices prior to their releases has grown to become more accurate over time, though in all fairness, these tidbits of information only really give a snapshot of a moment in development at best.

LG Display has also reportedly gone into contract with Apple, supplying about 4 million OLED panels and about 20 million LCD panels. Some commentators have inferred from the size of the job lot that these panels would act as replacement parts, bound for Apple’s repair shops.

Macotakara also reported on further details on the next generation of iPad Pro models.

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