iPhone 9 will be delayed to let iPhone X sequels sell more

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo put out a round-up of expectations for what hardware the company will put out for the holidays.

But rewind for a second to last month when Kuo also acknowledged supply chain rumors that manufacturing issues may delay mass production for the LCD iPhone. However, the flip side to his prediction was that this “iPhone 9” would arrive in time to be sold with its more expensive counterparts that have OLED displays are higher price tags.

Well, Cliff Maldonado is taking the thread further. The BayStreet Research partner wrote in a note, taken up by PCMag, that we should expect a launch event for three iPhones around September 11, but that the LCD iPhone will not come to market until November 2. His case? Apple will allow the two OLED iPhones more time to sell, putting them up to market from around September 21.

“We believe it will be delayed for marketing reasons. You’re going to have the OLEDs, at the expensive price points, launching first,  and the higher volume device, which is the LCD, launching later.”

The 6.1-inch LCD model is expected to have a starting price between $600 and $800 and will contrast against a 5.8-inch OLED model from $899 or so and a 6.5-inch OLED model above $999. It’s highly expected that the market will gravitate toward the affordable model and, thus, depress potential revenue for the crucial holiday season.

This staggered strategy could be pursued in the hope that those with disposable cash who would otherwise opt for the iPhone 9 but have more immediate upgrade needs may buy a more expensive iPhone early. The extra window could also allow for carrier to astroturf their subsidies.

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