Latest round of iPhone 8 speculation details ‘3D-sensing’ front camera, RAM and ROM options

Financial analysts, tipsters and so-called Apple insiders rarely sleep in anticipation of a next-gen iPhone’s announcement, with still plenty of time to go until that game-changing OLED model hits the scene, but many features and specifications rumored and detailed of late, including some looking practically etched in stone already.

Several credible sources are prepared to stake their reputation on the imminence of a borderless iPhone 8 with a 5.8-inch or so screen incorporating a small “function area”, no physical home button, and a “revolutionary” front camera capable of iris recognition, face scanning, and even 3D selfies.

KGI’s omniscient Ming-Chi Kuo further lays out the specifics of this groundbreaking technology today, claiming the crazy advanced snapper on the face of the iPhone 8 will be paired with an Infrared module able to “sense the 3D space in front of it.”

The goal is to enable increasingly immersive augmented reality experiences over the years, starting with those purported “3D selfies” and some pretty basic AR gaming use cases at first. According to Kuo, Apple is “years ahead of Android platform in terms of 3D algorithms which will make the advanced 3D camera sensor a unique iPhone feature for a couple of years.”

But that curved, “wraparound” display might not be ready for primetime yet, based on a different set of inside information alleging tests yielded fragility concerns. TrendForce research also suggests the highest-end iPhone 8 configuration will merely pack 3GB RAM in addition to 256GB ROM and 3D sensing tech, with only one other storage option in the pipeline (64 gigs).

Meanwhile, both the LCD-sporting, bezel and home button-including iPhone 7s and 7s Plus should cap off at 256GB hoarding room, with 2 and 3GB RAM respectively in tow.

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