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iPhone 8 Plus water resistance in question after shutdown of Wistron production line

By Jules Wang March 18, 2018, 8:54 pm

iPhone assembler Wistron denies rumors that it was ordered by its client Apple to stop production at one of its Chinese factories for two weeks.

The Commercial Times claims that the reason for the stoppage was because of counterfeit parts being used in the waterproofing of the iPhone 8 Plus. The company is claimed to have disciplined a smattering of executives for the oversight. Digitimes reports that Wistron lodged a filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange saying that such an embargo did not occur, but it would not go into specific client relationships.

The latter outlet reports that Foxconn produces 80 percent of the iPhone 8 Plus with Wistron taking the rest. That said, Wistron has forecast a decent gain in earnings as its overall business with Apple continues to remain strong.

Whether this issue trickles down to future warranty disputes from water seepage is yet to be known. If rumors are true, the fact that Apple had taken action on the issue could mean that the company has disposed of any affected units.

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