Both the front and rear cameras of the iPhone 8 could get 4K video recording support at 60 fps

It’s not over until… iOS developers finish combing through each individual line of HomePod code accidentally divulged by Apple nearly a week ago for traces of new and exciting iPhone 8 features.

Potential features, that is, since there’s no guarantee every subtle reference to stuff like “SmartCam” technology or “Pearl ID” authentication of Apple Pay transactions will commercially take shape right off the bat this fall.

Some revelations are even harder to depend on, including a freshly discovered mention of 4K video recording capabilities at 60 fps for both “front” and “back” cameras. We want to believe, we really do, but that kind of massive upgrade just doesn’t feel like Cupertino’s modus operandi.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, mind you, similar to the vast majority of today’s Android high-enders, merely support 4K clip shooting at a frame rate of 30 fps for their rear-facing snappers, limiting the skill of the 7MP selfie cam to 1080p HD video recording.

Then again, if there ever was a year for radical performance improvements across the board, this is it. The iPhone 8, or X, or Pro or whatever, is already confirmed to reduce screen bezels close to the point of invisibility, with a “notch” dedicated to various sensors and AR tricks, not to mention enhanced display resolution and the typical slate of processing power advances.

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