Apple could take the unprecedented step of bundling Apple Music and iCloud gifts with iPhone 8

Now that the September 12 announcement date of the groundbreaking iPhone 8 (name still TBC) is etched in stone, suggesting there will be no unusual shipping delays after all, it’s time to more rigorously analyze the handset’s expected value proposition.

At a starting price of $999, according to all the analysts and tipsters in the world, Apple’s next-gen flagship should pretty much go head to head with Samsung’s hot new Galaxy Note 8.

But beyond obvious software distinctions, a philosophical (and financial) contrast in storage expansion strategies and various noticeable cosmetic differences, the global leader of smartphone sales seems to hold an important and unquestionable advantage over its arch-rival. Specifically, the willingness to reduce profit margins by giving stuff away with early device acquisitions.

Apple doesn’t believe in deal sweeteners, though a wild new Barclays research note hints at a sudden change in release principles. The British financial services firm’s analysts predict some wholly unexpected freebies bundled with the $1,000 10th anniversary iPhone edition, which could well eclipse the appeal of Samsung’s complimentary Gear 360 camera offered alongside the Note 8.

As crazy as it sounds, there’s an (outside) chance you’ll get a full year of unlimited Apple Music access and 200 GB iCloud storage at no additional charge. That’s typically worth $99 and around $36 respectively, mind you, which isn’t exactly an earth-shattering combined discount, but it’s truly unprecedented on Cupertino’s part.

Apparently, Apple doesn’t expect to lose money at the end of the day either, boosting iPhone 8 sales numbers with this alleged promotion just enough to offset direct music streaming and cloud storage subscription losses. That somehow sounds both logical and highly implausible, knowing the tech giant’s M.O.

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