iPhone 8 purportedly codenamed Ferrari, iPhone 7s and 7s Plus looking more and more likely too

It sounded like a decidedly crazy notion at first, mostly because Apple never employed a two-number branding strategy before for simultaneously released iPhones, but there’s a beginning to everything. And after inaugurating the plus-sized variant a couple of years ago, it’s looking increasingly plausible by the day the iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus will all roll out next fall.

Adding to a great big pile of such rumors, we have a Weibo tipster with a decent track record today showing off internal blueprints for 2017 iPhones. These are apparently known on the inside by their D20, D21 and D22 engineering labels, though the latter also reportedly carries a far more extravagant Ferrari moniker.

Could that be a not-so-subtle hint as to the adoption of a snazzy new red color option? Perhaps, or maybe Cupertino just likes to associate its most advanced iPhone model ever with the ultimate symbol of luxury as far as sports cars go.

What’s practically set in stone now is that Apple is working on two very different designs for next-gen iPhones, a conventional one retaining the LCD screens, bezels, buttons and overall footprint of recent standard and Plus versions, and something entirely new, centered on glass, sprinkled with OLED technology, wireless charging, nearly no borders whatsoever, and free of “unnecessary” keys.

In order to pull off the game-changing iPhone 8 construction, it appears the motherboard will be separated in two sections, and the SIM card tray relocated, among others. Exciting stuff ahead!

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