What if the rumored iPhone 6C is actually the iPhone 7C?

Ask five different sources about Apple’s plans for a new four-inch iPhone, and they’re all likely to agree that such a device is happening, while giving you five different accounts of what kind of hardware the phone will feature, when it will come out, and how it will be named. Yesterday we checked out a report that went with an early-2016 launch, but now the latest whispers out of China suggest we could have a much longer wait in store for us, and not only could the new four-inch iPhone be held back until next September, but that by the time it does arrive, Apple could choose to launch the phone as the iPhone 7C.

Admittedly, the naming of the phone feels like one of the looser components to these rumors in general at the moment. For as many sources as we see willing to call the phone the iPhone 6C, there seem to be just as many shying away from a name entirely, and just calling it “the new four-inch iPhone.”

Perhaps that’s a consequence of Apple not having a name nailed-down itself just yet, and the phone’s ultimate identity will be determined to a significant extent by just when it ends up coming out; to hear this report, the iPhone 7C could actually launch in advance of the iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus), almost acting as some sort of promotional tool.

Honestly, that doesn’t sound like Apple’s typical behavior to our ears, neither in terms of using the lesser phone to promote the flagship’s launch, nor in that a later-2016 arrival for the four-inch model would necessarily mean it would land as the iPhone 7C. Right now, it’s hard to work out who to trust in terms of these oft-conflicting launch rumors, and while we’re listening to them all, it may be some time before the truth becomes clear.

Source: M.I.C. Gadget
Via: Cult of Mac

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