Apple A10 chipmaker TSMC reports record Q3 profit, and it’s all thanks to the iPhone 7

60 million unit shipments by the end of the year? 70? 80 or more? It’s still hard to forecast iPhone 7 numbers with any precision, especially after so many conflicting reports and signs, not to mention Apple’s unusual decision to keep opening weekend scores under wraps.

As such, it’s impossible to predict if the headphone jack-excluding duo will exceed the popularity of the 6s and 6s Plus. Probably not, though some of the hardware upgrades are starting to feel more compelling than anticipated, and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall debacle (s) can’t hurt either.

Need further evidence the 7 and 7 Plus have what it takes to perhaps return Apple to profit growth as early as this holiday season? The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) totally thrived on A10 SoC orders during Q3, fully expecting to do the same through 2016’s conclusion.

Yes, the world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry set new profit and sales records between July and September, namely $3.08 billion and $8.2B, up 28 and 23 percent respectively from Q3 2015 figures, beating even the firm’s most optimistic previous projections.

iPhone 7 “business” could well account for up to 15 percent of TSMC’s overall earnings for the second half of 2016, and there’s no way Cupertino ordered a boatload of A10 chips just in case the device (figuratively) blows up down the line. It’s already a hit, ladies and gents, whether you like it or not.

Source: Reuters

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