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The iPhone 7 — and iPhone 7 Plus, let’s not forget —may get a few new holes torn into it, thanks to the theoretical, but much ballyhooed loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

It’s been assumed by most talking heads that the jack would be long gone before the new handset would be out in September, but there’s been a mess of possibilities raised as to what that large component would be replaced with. A super duper DAC? Noise cancellation? Will the EarPods come with a Lightning connection or a wireless one?

Two Barclays analysts report in a research memo that the smartphone will receive another amp supplied by Cirrus Logic. It may come along the bottom edge of the phone, the same area where the headphone jack currently is as well as the existing speaker.

How much sense that actually makes, we’ll have to see. Placing speakers on the narrow end of a phone instead of length-wise diametrically (like, maybe on the front face?) may not give much directional nuance. But third parties may be able to take advantage of that orientation to sell stand-up speaker amplifiers with room for the lightning cable.

We’d imagine it to be a product in need of a design solution, but we’ll pass judgment on such a product if everything above can be confirmed. Whoa, that was a leg of speculation. See you in September.

Source: AppleInsider
Via: PhoneArena

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