Supposed iPhone 7 with Smart Connector and dual cameras looks a bit fake

With this year’s presumptive iPhone 7, Apple’s expected to make some big changes to its iconic smartphone’s design. Those could include things like ditching the long-standing headphone jack, finding a way to minimize the presence of antenna stripes, and maybe even giving us a hardware option that includes dual rear cameras. With so many possibilities floating around, it’s easy to get swept up in it all, and when a new pic lands in our laps that attempts to confirm a number of those rumors – and then some – it can be tempting to embrace it as proof. Today we’re checking out just such a photo, but is it too good to be true?

There are three main things we’re looking at here: the presence of those repositioned antenna lines along the phone’s top and bottom edges, a dual-lens camera, and what sure appears to be an iPad Pro-style Smart Connector.

The antenna stripes look the part well enough, but things go downhill from there. The dual camera appears substantially raised, slightly more so than with current-gen iPhone cameras. Perhaps more than that, it just doesn’t look particularly graceful, and we question how well it fits into Apple’s design aesthetic.

The more troubling bit is that Smart Connector down bottom. For one, it doesn’t make a lot of sense: why put a Smart Connector on a phone? A keyboard cover isn’t exactly practical, nor would it work in this portrait orientation. And even if it Apple did something like that for use in landscape, wouldn’t the Smart Connector be placed along the phone’s edge, and not squarely on its back? Finally, to our eyes it just looks slightly off-center here, and all our instincts are just screaming “Photoshop!”

We suppose a rear-mounted Smart Connector might make some morsel of sense in the context of a new Apple Smart Battery Case, but this pic just ain’t convincing us.


Source: Bastille Post (Google Translate)
Via: Redmond Pie

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