It’s all about hot new high-end models for American smartphone buyers, which reportedly found the iPhone 7’s lack of a headphone jack a “non-issue” in the August – October 2016 timeframe.

Of course, the impressive local iOS rise must have been due in part to the double Galaxy Note 7 recall and ultimate discontinuation as well, even if Kantar completely disregards the highly publicized debacle in its latest Worldpanel ComTech sales data.

It can’t be a coincidence Android lost a whopping 5.6 percent on US shores year-on-year, while iOS gained a full 7 percentage points, especially with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus only available for around two of the 12 weeks tracked by the research firm, and limited quantities a problem even then.

That didn’t stop the smaller of the new iOS handhelds from dominating the US sales ranks for the entire three-month period, with the Plus variant in fourth place, narrowly behind the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7.

Believe it or not, Apple had the number one, two and three devices in Great Britain (iPhone 7, SE and 6s), and the iPhone 7 placed second in Urban China, behind OPPO’s R9. As such, iOS registered year-over-year share gains across key markets like Japan, Australia, France, Italy and Spain in addition to the US and UK, only losing a bit of overall Chinese and German steam.

Stateside, the number two mobile platform amazingly recorded its strongest growth rate in over two years, as well as the highest share since January 2015. But Android’s global scores weren’t that bad either, with decent progress actually reported from China to Australia and EU5 territories.

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