One of the factors of most iPhone releases that we take for granted is the pricing. The new 16GB model comes in at $649 and basically every other variant tacks on some multiple of $100 to the price. But with rumors of an iPhone 7 Pro getting into the product mix this year and improved storage options to boot, there’s some question as to how SRP’s going to work out this year.

A Weibo leaker is claiming to have the answers from a mile out of launch time with a complication in each model’s storage situation. Apparently, the iPhone 7 will have models with 32GB, 64GB or 256GB of storage. Both the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro supposedly have options at 32GB and 256GB, but will take 128GB as the middle.

We have a handy little comparison table between what the iPhone 6s is going for at the Apple Store versus what’s been rumored for the iPhone 7. Remember that the current generation of storage options are 16GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Device Base model Middle model Top-end model
iPhone 6s ¥5288 ¥6088 ¥6888
iPhone 7 ¥5288 ¥6088 ¥7088
iPhone 6s Plus ¥6088 ¥6888 ¥7788
iPhone 7 Plus ¥6088 ¥6888 ¥7888
iPhone 7 Pro ¥7088 ¥7888 ¥8888

Remember that this is the Chinese market and we’re seeing little change in the actual status quo of SRPs, only minor tweaks for the top-end models. In US equivalencies, we’re looking at a spread of prices from about $820 to $1,350, with the iPhone 7 Pro said to start near $1,080. Subtracting the 20 percent premium that our Far East friends pay for Apple’s exports, we might expect the 32GB iPhone 7 Pro to be set at the $849 level.

But hey, this is all just guesswork and yapping at this point.

Source: Weibo

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