iPhone 7 pre-orders likely to go live on September 9, launch event taking place a little earlier

Yeah, yeah, we know, it makes little sense to dub the 2016 incremental 6s upgrade the iPhone 7 if Apple indeed plans to switch to a three-year tick-tock-tock release cycle. But iPhone 6SE is still too much of a mouthful, and iPhone 2016 doesn’t sound very… marketable.

For the time being, we’ll continue referring to this more-of-the-same duo (not trio, it seems) as the iPhone 7, keeping in mind that we’re rapidly closing in on its glitzy-as-always launch event, where everything shall be officially revealed.

The chronology is getting clearer and clearer, with the “week of September 12th” set to welcome the two “new” iPhones to stores, and the previous week most likely reserved for the formal announcement and pre-order kick-off.

According to the perennially trustworthy and increasingly well-informed Evan Blass, still known to many by his @evleaks Twitter handle, pre-orders are “confirmed” to “start on the 9th”, and we can all “extrapolate the launch event date from there.”

We’re going to go with September 6, maybe 5, as far as the latter is concerned, given the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were unveiled on September 9, 2015, taking firm reservations after 72 hours. The two needed an unusual extra 13 days to actually begin selling, which shouldn’t be the case this time around, with September 16 pinpointed for the retail release.

Source: Twitter

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