These new iPhones are the best iPhones ever, but in a year where most manufacturers are refining products more than pushing boundaries on hardware and design, how do the cameras on these new phones stack up against the competition?

The core photo experience is based on the same sensor we saw last year on the 6S and 6S Plus, a 1/3″ 12MP sensor. New for this year is an improved focusing system, wider aperture, and optical image stabilization is now available on the smaller iPhone. Of course, the exciting new feature is only found on the larger iPhone 7 Plus, which has a second sensor similar to LG which provides a different focal length than the main camera. Instead of the ultra-wide view on the G5 and V20, Apple opted for a 2X zoom on the 7 Plus. We’re dealing with premium priced, top-tier phones. It’s time to dig deep into photo and video performance!

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Real Camera Review (and iPhone 7 too!)

We live in a time where the only camera someone might own is the one bolted to the back of their phone. We feel that phone camera reviews should cover mobile shooters with the same depth that standalone camera reviews might be produced. Checking out exposure, saturation, white balance, stabilization, HDR, 4K video, slow-mo, panorama, and bokeh, we’re attempting to deliver the most complete look at camera performance available, using consistent real-world shooting situations. You can compare the output here to other phones we’ve reviewed by checking out our series of Real Camera Reviews.

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