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iPhone 7 Plus multitasking takes advantage of RAM with iOS 10.1 beta

By Jules Wang September 28, 2016, 12:47 pm

You don’t see the explosion of posts about how the iPhone 7 Plus have had poor multitasking capabilities as you’ve seen with the OnePlus 3. Part of that could be with the optics of numerals — the OnePlus phone had 6GB of RAM while the Apple-optimized iPhone 7 Plus held 3GB.

Still, just because you have complete control of hardware and software, that doesn’t mean that the whole deal is doing its best. The “Plus” had a full gigabyte of RAM more than the iPhone 7 and they both multi-tasked similarly. After piling a few apps into the multitasking queue, both phones had to redraw apps. Apparently, 3GB is not enough RAM to keep more save-states.

BGR‘s Zach Epstein reports his experience with the iPhone 7 Plus matched the critics’ expectations — no real difference from the iPhone 7. But with the first iOS 10.1 beta installed on his iPhone 7 Plus, he’s started noticing a difference.

“Far more apps have their states saved, which means faster overall performance,” Epstein wrote.

It’s an anecdotal account for sure, so we’ll want to see more testing and the feature’s endurance through final release. But maybe, just maybe, 3GB of RAM isn’t just for the dual-camera image processing.

Source: BGR

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