iPhone 7 Plus tipped to accommodate 3,100 mAh battery, up to 256GB storage

Was Apple smart to merely add an “s” to the names of the 2014 iPhones, despite the 2015 generation bringing plenty of hardware upgrades to the table? Granted, you have to figure the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will look different on the outside from the 6s and 6s Plus, but a number of internal improvements are also required to justify the moniker bump.

Fortunately, Cupertino might be prepping just the right enhancements, at least according to “supply chain sources” over in China, poised to keep the lights on longer, as well as feed the addiction of the most frenetic digital hoarders.

What’s odd about this report is it suggests the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will present a major storage configuration discrepancy. Specifically, insiders claim, the 5.5-inch model may cap off at a monumental 256GB, while the 4.7-incher would retain its predecessor’s 128 gig internal data ceiling.

That’s unprecedented for Apple, though 2016 could be a year of iPhone change after 2015 inaugurated the iPad Pro. The other alteration tipped off by MyDrivers isn’t quite as crucial and far-fetched, calling for a 12 percent battery capacity increase over the iPhone 6s Plus.

Of course, if the 7 Plus is to pack a 3,100 mAh cell, chances are we’re dealing with a waist and weight gain too, especially considering the 6s Plus grew in depth and bulk while losing a bit of juice. Then again, autonomy stayed the same, so if the A10 chip inside the iPhone 7 Plus will similarly improve energy efficiency, the battery life bump could easily exceed 12 percent.

It’s way too early to get excited about rumors, but here’s to hoping storage and endurance are indeed to be augmented.

Source: MyDrivers
Via: 9To5Mac

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