iPhone 7 metal casing has speakers, space oddity

We had several iPhone 7 pieces last week on the existential crisis of the headphone jack, otherwise known to us as #jaxit. If you’ve been yearning for some evidence with a little more body, you’re in luck. We’re turning back to for another metal casing from an undisclosed source.


In this photo, we can clearly make out the two speaker grilles on the bottom edge of the case. It’s another picture for the “leave” camp.

Earlier this month, the outlet’s Steve Hemmerstoffer posted a CAD video (one of many before then) that showed off two new iPhone designs with differing audio configurations on the bottom — one with a speaker grille on one side and a single tiny port (not up to 3.5mm in width) on the other. The model you see above favors the second, fully-fledged speaker design.


On the main plane, what could be called an obnoxiously punched protrusion signifies where the camera could literally stick out of. We can’t be entirely sure of that protrusion’s depth, but it’s definitely one we’ve seen before from a leak out of metal casing maker Catcher. The main question here is whether we’re dealing with a battle of the bump or are we babying a bulge?

So, with one more iPhone photo leak digested, how do you feel at this point? What’s the bigger story for you? The headphone jack or the camera bump? Or the 5.5-inch models? Biting at the veracity of these photos? Let it loose.

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