iPhone 7 billed as ‘practically magic’ in fresh ads highlighting cameras and water resistance

Apple’s very first official iPhone 7 commercial, released in advance of last Friday’s (limited) rollout, was highly unusual in terms of tone and setting. But that’s precisely what made it so oddly compelling.

Meanwhile, this new pair of TV ads embedded below largely ditches the ominous spirit, retaining however the central motif of (literal) darkness, where the two next-gen iOS handhelds can truly excel, thanks to amazing cameras and robust, water-protected bodies.

Day or night, rain or shine, you shouldn’t be afraid to use the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus out on the town, while skateboarding, biking or running, taking perfect, artsy stills of… lawn sprinklers, insects buzzing around light bulbs, and even friendly baby deer, seemingly fascinated with the latest in mobile technology themselves.

It all sounds way more pretentious and tedious than it actually is, with Cupertino’s marketing A-team skillful as always in squeezing the most out of the simplest ideas. You have your nostalgic music (“In a Black Out” by Hamilton Leithauser), the alternative power track (AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”), great camera work, characters you can relate to, beautiful cinematography, and last but not least, straightforward, easy to grasp advertising messages.

Too bad the phones are still so hard to come by.

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