What changes can we expect Apple to implement for the iPhone 7? While some of the rumors we’ve been hearing about new directions for iPhone hardware may still take a few years to come into effect – things like that rumor about an OLED screen for the iPhone 8 – next year’s model is bound to pick up some tweaks of its own, and maybe even a significantly new design. But just what will that evolve? We’ve already heard rumors about things like a waterproof construction and a move away from the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, and now a new report offers a peek at a few more avenues Apple may be considering, while also talking about the sheer number of prototypes the company’s experimenting with.

Supposedly, Apple’s evaluating at least five iPhone 7 models right now, most with some distinct features. Those include things like an in-screen fingerprint sensor, multi-touch support for 3D Touch, multiple camera configurations, support for wireless charging, and maybe even a move away from Lightning and to the same USB type-C connector it just started using on its laptops.

Perhaps the final iPhone 7 will embrace several of these technologies, or maybe just one or two. Given the number of possibilities Apple could be considering, it’s likely we could get features that haven’t even popped up on our radar yet.

From the sound of things, Apple may be far from committing to a final feature set just yet, and we could be hearing rumors about plenty more potential iPhone 7 features before the final spec list is nailed down.

Source: G for Games

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