Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the recent SanDisk acquisition by Western Digital. LG follows with its new CAMLTE, and its direct video streaming. Google follows as we learn more about its possible VR plans for Google I/O. We then focus on the market share differences between Apple and Google in mobile, where Android continues to grow. We end today’s show talking about the latest iPhone 7 gossip, which mentions a borderless display.

All this and more after the break.

SanDisk acquired by Western Digital for $16 billion [UPDATE: finalized]
LG Action CAMLTE lives up to name with direct video streaming support
Google will ‘definitely’ announce standalone Android VR headset at I/O
Android gains even more market share in Q1, at the expense of iOS and especially WP
Latest 2017 iPhone gossip calls for borderless display with embedded sensors

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