iPhone 7 battery might close in on a full 2 amp-hours

You want something to keep you fueled for the rest of the day? Maybe a decent battery case for the iPhone 6s, first off. Secondly, why not tackle a better battery for the iPhone 7? We might be pushing past 1,850mAh here, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000mAh this time around.

Steve Hemmerstoffer of and Twitter leaks account @OnLeaks has relayed a little piece of information you might appreciate.

For what it’s worth, at the typical 3.82V of potential that runs through an iPhone’s battery, that’s about 7.49Wh of power we’ve got there. But forget the raw numbers and think about what else the iPhone 7 has to power: not too much.

No dual camera setup on the back unlike what the rumors say about the iPhone 7 Plus. A slightly upgraded processor. The screen’s not likely to get an upgrade. Probably the only major drain that will be introduced will be on the audio side with Lightning-powered headphones.

Will a 14 percent bump be enough to get an average iPhone user through the day? Where will this bump take the iPhone 7 Plus’s battery? How about the iPhone 7 Pro? It may have some Smart Connector accessories to keep alive, too.

Needless to say, it’ll be a while before we see a teardown to make 100 percent sure this rumor is true, but give it a think and tell us.

Via: GSMArena

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