iPhone 6s and 6s Plus deemed ‘secretly waterproof’ after 60-minute immersion

Aside from your typical drop and bend tests, which appear to confirm the use of much stronger aluminum on the new iPhones, a rather peculiar experiment surfaced on YouTube hot on the heels of the 6s and 6s Plus commercial launch.

Although Apple has never advertised the slightest degree of water protection as a selling point for any of the previous iPhone generations or this fresh one, a little known tech vlogger with a lot of money to spare decided to assess the feature nonetheless.

Incredibly enough, after spending a full hour in bowls of destructive liquid, both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus survived with little to no apparent damage. From a cosmetic standpoint, as well as functionally, the two iOS handhelds looked almost identical getting out as going in, prompting some to call them “secretly waterproof.”

Even on the back of being dried up, and allegedly 48 hours of waiting for water to make its way around the intricate circuitry, everything from Touch ID fingerprint recognition to audio, charging, and plugging headphones seemed to work sans a glitch.

Of course, a proper scientific evaluation may yield different conclusions, and a (barely noticeable) diagonal line across the iPhone 6s screen suggests in time, total devastation could occur. Also, before mocking Sony, iFans should keep in mind swims can put far more pressure on a gadget, so no taking your phone with you in the pool either!

On the bright side, it’s definitely good to know an accidental dunk in the old toilet might leave your precious alive and well, at least for the first post-incident 48 hours. Oh, and in case you’re wondering how the competition stacks up, an older video from the same YT user stars the not-waterproof Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t survive.

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