Apple promptly reacts to unexpected iPhone 6s shutdown issues with free battery replacement

No electronic device is altogether immune to manufacturing defects and hardware flaws of all sorts. Some phones will spontaneously combust, others may bend under minimal pressure, refuse to properly recognize touch actions or unexpectedly shut down.

What’s vital for an OEM confronted with such issues is to identify the exact root cause of the “disease”, show transparency about measures taken to keep things in check, and most importantly, try its best not to alienate customers.

On that note, both Samsung and Apple have made mistakes of late handling bigger and smaller quality control scandals, with the former still unable (or unwilling) to share a determination of Note 7 investigations, and the latter turning a deaf ear to “Touch Disease” complaints for a long time, then finally acknowledging a problem, but forcing affected iPhone 6 Plus owners to pay up.

Thankfully, a new program aimed at fixing “unexpected shutdown issues” exhibited by the iPhone 6s will cover battery replacements free of charge around the world. While Apple doesn’t consider this a “safety issue”, claiming it affects “devices within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015”, the “very small number of iPhone 6s devices” randomly shutting down will be taken in and repaired.

Not just in China, mind you, where the plague recently came to light, and if you happened to already replace your battery on your own for a similar problem, you may qualify for a refund. Now that’s more like it, Apple!

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