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As any Neil Simon fan can tell you, rumors are pretty funny things. They often appear when they’re least expected and they never come alone; rather, they arrive trailing a half-dozen other rumors that first support, then debunk, then ultimately confirm half of what the original was saying (but usually not the obvious half). Mix in about 500 mobile tech sites covering each and every rumor, and things get interesting mighty quick.

This week is absolutely dominated by rumors … and not much else. Considering the huge news dump we’re anticipating next week with the arrival of Google I/O, we’re taking it easy on the podcast this week by focusing exclusively on the news block. We’ll cover the iPhone 6s (which might be coming soon), Galaxy Note 5 (which probably isn’t), ASUS ZenFone 2 (which is already here), and then we’ll get caught up with new team member Hayato Huseman on the devices he’s been reviewing over the past month.

It’s a laid-back approach to a top-notch show, and that’s a beat we can all dance to. Pocketnow Weekly 149 is sliding down the ramp, so clear the swimmers and sound the horn; this sloop’s about to scoot. Watch the video broadcast from 3:00pm Eastern on May 22 (click here for your local time), or check out the high-quality audio version dropped here. And don’t forget to shoot your listener mail to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air!

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ASUS ZenFone 2 descends on US with a very affordable price

Apple shares image of unknown 5C-like iPhone model

More analysts voice support for early iPhone 6s launch

Samsung rejects rumors of early Galaxy Note 5 launch

HTC (sort of, not really) says no to HTC One mini 3

LG once again confirms plans to launch flagship in second half of 2015

Sony leak shows off incredibly thin side bezels

Google launches limited-edition smartphone cases with help from Skrillex

Google may have further Android photo changes to share at I/O 2015

Google rumored to unveil new lightweight platform for connected appliances


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