If you haven’t noticed, we’re wrapping up a really busy week here at Pocketnow. We reviewed the Huawei Watch, took a first look at the new Moto 360 and finally published our review of the OnePlus 2 – a phone that does an awful lot, for an awful lot less than the new iPhone. So while we’re excited to see what Apple has in store in the latest iteration of its halo smartphone, we’re also holding the iPhone to an even higher standard in 2015, the year of the inexpensive smartphone.

Before we get to any of that, though, we’ve got to free the new iPhone from its retail packaging. So let’s do that! Join us for our iPhone 6s Plus unboxing, and stick around until the end of the video for a first look at the company’s new 3D Touch interface method!

iPhone 6s Plus unboxing

Michael Fisher has followed the world of mobile technology for over ten years as hobbyist, retailer, and reviewer. A lengthy stint as a Sprint Nextel employee and a long-time devotion to webOS have cemented his love for the underdog platforms of the world. In addition to serving as Pocketnow’s Reviews Editor, Michael is a stage, screen, and voice actor, as well as co-founder of a profitable YouTube-based business. He lives in Boston, MA.

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