The iPhone 6s is the most popular smartphone in North America, Europe and Oceania for the first quarter of 2017, according to ScientiaMobile’s Mobile Overview Report. The iPhone 6 was tops in Asia while in Africa and South America, it was the Galaxy J5.

The firm, which captured website hit data through its JavaScript plugin, found across the top 5 slots across the six developed continents that Apple took 18 of them. Samsung had 10 while Motorola’s Moto G3 and the Vodafone Smart Kicka each took one. The iPhone 7 made #3 in Oceania, #4 on the North America list, #5 in Europe. The iPhone 7 Plus is #5 in Europe.

Android claimed the most market share on four continents while iOS had wins in North America and Oceania.

Here are select tables for your digestion. The full report is available for download from ScientiaMobile with registration.


Position,Asia,North America,Europe,South America,Africa,Oceania

1,iPhone 6 (5%),iPhone 6s (11%),iPhone 6s (6%),Galaxy J5 (6%),Galaxy J5 (3%),iPhone 6s (14%)

2,iPhone 6s (4%),iPhone 6 (10%),iPhone 6 (6%),iPhone 6 (4%),iPhone 6 (2%),iPhone 6 (12%)

3,iPhone 5s (3%),iPhone 6s Plus (6%),iPhone 5s (4%),Galaxy Grand Prime (4%),Galaxy J1 Ace (2%),iPhone 7 (7%)

4,Galaxy J7 (3%),iPhone 7 (5%),Galaxy S6 (3%),Galaxy J7 (4%),Galaxy S5 (2%),Galaxy S5 (6%)

5,iPhone 6s Plus (3%),iPhone 7 Plus (5%),iPhone 7 (3%),Moto G3 (4%),Smart Kicka (2%),Galaxy S7 (6%)

[/table] [table]

OS,Asia,North America,Europe,South America,Africa,Oceania



Windows Phone,1%,1%,2%,2%,3%,1%


[/table] [table]

Screen sizes,Asia,North America,Europe,South America,Africa,Oceania

1,5.5-6″ (29%),4.5-5″ (40%),4.5-5″ (37%),5-5.5″ (36%),5-5.5″ (26%),4.5-5″ (43%)

2,4.5-5″ (27%),5.5-6″ (25%),5-5.5″ (28%),4.5-5″ (31%),4-4.5″ (25%),5-5.5″ (20%)

3,5-5.5″ (22%),5-5.5″ (19%),4-4.5″ (20%),4-4.5″ (20%),4.5-5″ (21%),5.5-6″ (18%)


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