Apple iPhone 6s edges out Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in ultimate durability test

Since the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus officially came out roughly 96 hours ago, the interwebs were flooded with video experiments meant to evaluate the two’s robustness, resistance to drops, bends and, for some reason, lengthy water immersion.

But by far the most thorough examination had its results revealed on YouTube just yesterday, as extended warranty provider Square Trade finally completed its trademark set of torture tests for the 6s, 6s Plus and, in order to offer cross-platform perspective, Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

It’s unclear why Samsung’s “true” late 2015 global flagship, the S6 Edge+, wasn’t included in the durability procedures in lieu of the region-limited Note 5, although the two top-tier Android phablets are extremely similar from an architectural standpoint.

The same obviously goes for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the main difference between them being display size and the way they perform in gripability, weight and thermo tests. The former two helped the smaller model garner an overall superior 4.5 breakability score (compared to 5 points for the 6s Plus), even if both iDevices are considered “medium risks” for real-life destruction.

The GNote 5 is also a medium liability, with a 5 on the 1 through 10 scale where 1 is the perfect score. The poorest the S Pen-capable handheld fared was in a face-down drop scenario, whereas liquids will only harm Samsung’s hero if you go out for a reckless swim, and insist on taking underwater photos.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handle an impressive 170 and 180 pounds of pressure respectively before starting to bend, not to mention they merely present cosmetic damage after ten contacts with a tough surface from six-feet altitudes on their corners.

Of course, if you drop them face down on concrete even once, it’s time for an early device replacement. Lastly, if you happen to lose sight of the two when scouring the fridge for edible leftovers, you have between 30 minutes and an hour to relocate your freezing precious until there’s nothing to save. Vital information, don’t you think?

Source: Yahoo

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