Did a Chinese carrier just confirm the new four-inch iPhone for April?

Whether Apple ends up calling it the iPhone 6C, the iPhone 7C, or something else altogether (iPhone 6 Mini?), it’s difficult to ignore the persistent rumors pointing to work on a new four-inch iPhone handset. With so many sources treating the phone’s arrival as a given, much of the recent discussion has focused on exactly when we may hope to see the model go official. Recent reports have been looking at sometime in H1 2016, though there’s been little hard evidence to back up such claims. Apple itself may be keeping quiet about its plans, but one of its carrier partners looks like it might have just let the cat our of the bag, as China Mobile reportedly reveals when it’s expecting the new four-inch iPhone to land.

That image up above apparently comes from a recent China Mobile press conference, where the carrier revealed its road map for early 2016. From what we’re hearing, that red rectangle in the upper right marks the four-inch iPhone, and the column it’s in means that the smartphone should go up for sale in April.

As for pricing, the phone’s in a row for models fetching 3000 Yuan or more, meaning the new iPhone would sell for the equivalent of more than $450.

Most of the sources reporting on this news are treating this as a hard date, but we’re not quite sure. Unfortunately, this pic isn’t quite high-res enough for us to run it through any image-based translators, but we’re concerned that the last column could mean less “phones going up for sale in April” and more “phones going up for sale in April or later”; just look at all the extra text compared to the previous two columns. We’re also taking the handset’s identification as the new four-inch iPhone for granted.

As a result, despite this apparent carrier-sourcing, we’re less than fully confident in this info, and feel compelled to keep treating it as rumor, rather than fact.

Source: My Drivers (Google Translate)
Via: Cult of Mac

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