Not tiny, fun-sized! Even though the small phones are already way out of style, Apple could bring things back down to iPhone 5C size and style with an iPhone 6c (or 7c, depending on how Apple determine its model year). We’ve been expecting better memory, an A9 processor brain, and Touch ID to boot. There are now a couple of new developments have popped up regarding the battery and the timeline of the device, courtesy of Foxconn leakers.

Sources say that the power cells of the iPhone 7c will have a 1,642mAh capacity. It’s a rather peculiar number — but taken against the 1,510mAh of the iPhone 5c and the 1,570mAh of the iPhone 5s, it’s an improvement.

So, when will we see this device that’s supposedly in the works? China Mobile expects an April debut to some new Apple device and we might have support for the “what” and “when”: Foxconn sources say the factories have completed small-batch tests and that they’ll start mass producing the phones in January.

Price is a more salient factor at this point, but we’re currently hearing suggestions above CNY 4,000 or a startling $616 as of this post.

Source: MyDrivers (Google Translate)
Via: GSMArena

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