It feels like when we’ve been talking about Apple lately, it’s all about the soon-to-arrive Apple Watch, or maybe rumors about that 12.9-inch iPad that may or may not be in the works But late last week we turned the spotlight back on the company’s smartphone offerings, hearing a rumor that Apple was looking to grow its handset family in 2015 with the launch of three new models, rather than the pair we got last year with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In addition to new 6S and 6S Plus phones, the source suggested we could also see the introduction of an iPhone 6C, an option that would return Apple’s smartphone line to its smaller-screened roots. Just days later, we’ve already got a potential leak to check out, upon the publication of some pics that claim to show an iPhone 6C rear panel.

Compared to the iPhone 5C, there are a couple obvious changes highlighted here. The phone’s flash appears to grow to accept a second LED element, and additional speaker grille holes arrive on the phone’s bottom edge.

Keep in mind the flip side to this: while an iPhone 6C that takes heavy inspiration from the iPhone 5C makes enough sense, this would also spell for a very easy Photoshop job: just take some 5C rear shell shots and add some extra holes. We don’t yet have any particular reason to believe these are indeed doctored pics, but considering how very early they’re arriving (and conveniently following last week’s rumor), it’s a possibility worth keeping in mind. Should additional images showing this same design surface, that would go a long way towards convincing us.


Source: Future Supplier
Via: iLounge

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