There’s simply no way to start a new year without the usual batch of Apple-focused rumors. This time it’s all about iPhone. It’s usually very common to learn that Apple has already begun their testing phase of a new iPhone just a couple of months after they release their current model, and that holds true this year again as a model iPhone 6.1 has just emerged. At this point it’s sadly hard to tell what to expect from the device, but it’s interesting to learn of its existence so early, if it’ll most likely not see the light of the official day in the fall. Many rumors have Apple changing their release period again for a probable launch at WWDC this summer, but it’s too early to hold that statement true, and especially after the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 became such hits in their initial sales in the fall.

Now even more interesting is the fact that iPhone 6.1 was running iOS 7 according to analytics. iOS 6 didn’t reach these same analytics until just a month or two before its official announcement. The name change and the speed at which Apple wants to put iOS 6 in the past means a lot. For one, Apple is clearly dealing with the old OS as a mistake they need to fix, and that includes even wiping the name out. On the other hand, a name change could mean a complete revamp, and not just an iterative update.

Our biggest bet is that iPhone 6.1 will probably be just an iPhone 5 with better specs, most probably just an iPhone 5S. This would give Jony Ive enough time to spend his time revamping iOS under his new roll at Apple since the hardware is already taken care of. Time will tell.

Via: Cult Of Mac

Source: TNW

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