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Thoughts on the iPhone 6 from a Windows Phone user (Video)

By Michael Fisher September 21, 2014, 11:35 am

That title calls for a disclaimer. As anyone who’s looked at my Twitter profile knows, I’m not just a Windows phone user; I use Android too, and I occasionally sprinkle in BlackBerry and Sailfish when I’m feeling sporty. But I spend a little less than half my waking time with Windows software powering my communicator of choice, and my last 24 hours with iOS have given me a few insights about how these platforms differ – and how they don’t.

From aesthetics to fluidity, Apple and Microsoft match up nicely. Both iOS and Windows Phone are tightly controlled software experiences that place cosmetics high on their list of priorities, and each one strives to embody the best of its builder in terms of features and services. But in other areas like hardware choice, third-party app ecosystem, and even fundamental tenets of day-to-day use, iPhone 6 vs Windows Phone feels more like a philosophical divide than a software comparison.

Our full review of both new iPhones –the iPhone 6 Plus included– will be live next week. Until then, join me for some (admittedly quick and early) impressions of the iPhone 6 from the standpoint of a Windows Phone user, and let us know what you think about these two platforms in the comments below!

iPhone 6 vs Windows Phone

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