A lot of speculation has been around regarding just how thin the next-generation iPhone 6 model, or models will be. We’ve seen schematics of what to expect from the design, and we’ve even seen mock-ups of what the design should look like. Regardless of the case, we also know that Apple is struggling to actually build a battery for a phone this thin, and if you’re wondering just how thin we’re talking about, a recent video comparison sheds some light.

It seems that Unbox Therapy was able to get their hands on one of the cases built around the iPhone 6 schematics that were leaked. When trying to find a device that could actually fit inside the case, it turns out that a product that’s actually just as thin as the possible design of the iPhone 6 is the fifth-generation iPod Touch. In specs, you’ll notice that the iPod Touch is currently 6.1mm thick, which matches almost identically to the 6mm thickness that’s being rumored for at least on of the iPhone 6 models we’re expecting.

Obviously at this time it’s hard to predict if all the leaks will be true, but it is quite revealing for Apple to dare the odds in making this phone so thin.

Source: Unbox Therapy
Via: MacRumors

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