Analyst calls Apple commitment to larger-screened iPhone 6 “locked down”

Of all the unanswered questions looming in the shadows of Apple’s work on its next smartphone(s), those focusing on screen size and resolution have been some of the most interesting. After taking five years to move past 3.5-inch displays to 4-inch components, there’s already this pervasive sense that Apple’s once again looking to release a larger smartphone, and the iPhone 6 may be just the phone to deliver these changes. But how large would it be? We’ve heard rumors running the gamut, from phones that stay at 4 inches, all the way up to phablet sizes. Lately, we’ve been focusing on the idea of two models, one on the upper side of the four-inch range, and one in the mid-to-high five-inch area. While confirmation eludes us, we continue to hear new voices in support of these ideas, and the latest comes from an analyst who finally believes that Apple’s made its decision when it comes to screen sizes.

As you may recall, we’ve heard that Apple was experimenting with multiple sizes during its design exercises – which may explain the wide range of rumors thus far. But if what Cowen and Company’s Timothy Arcuri has heard from his supply chain sources is correct, Apple is going forward with a 4.8-inch display for the iPhone 6.

It’s also noteworthy what he doesn’t offer, which is any news of a phablet-sized iPhone. In fact, comments he makes about Apple’s “unwavering principle of one hand use” might suggest we get no “iPhablet” at all.

As far as a launch goes, Arcuri takes the conservative route and points to September, though he does mention a June launch as a possibility, which would fit with rumors we’ve heard about WWDC 2014.

Source: Apple Insider
Via: BGR

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