The iPhone 6 makes me want to return to iOS, here’s why

This has been a very interesting year for smartphone technology. Seven years ago we would’ve never thought that smartphones would be as big as they are today, nor that we’d have better display resolution on our phones, than we do on the average television set. This year 2K displays, waterproof technology, stereo speakers, aluminum, and even the emerging LTE Advanced are the new thing, even though only a few smartphone manufacturers are pulling most of these off.

After seven years, I finally decided to switch the iPhone as my daily driver because of all these trends. Surely my choice for the HTC One M8 wasn’t based on the late-2014 trends, but at the time of its launch back in the spring, it was as hot as a phone could get. Til this day, I still feel that HTC has launched an amazing smartphone, and I have nothing but praise for my user experience so far.

Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6 shouldn’t be a reason for me to go back to the iPhone, right? If we compared these phones through their respective spec sheets, the HTC One M8 is still a much better phone than both of the iPhones that were announced. If we don’t consider the primary camera, the One M8 has a faster processor; a bigger and better display, stereo speakers, expandable storage, a better front-facing camera, an IR Blaster, and I could continue listing more reasons why it’s superior to the iPhone 6.

If you’re still wondering why the title of this editorial says that the iPhone 6 makes me want to return to iOS, even after I’ve clearly called its spec sheet inferior, let’s go through the reasons why.

The iPhone 6 fixes some of my reasons to move to Android

iphone-6-sizesOne of the biggest reasons why I moved away from the iPhone 5s for the HTC One M8 was because I felt that HTC gave me more value for my money and also managed to do so elegantly. The Spec sheet was one thing, but it was also the user experience and the beauty of the One M8. HTC did a great job with Sense 6, and having that bigger display made things more delightful.

Surely the iPhone 6 doesn’t have the One M8’s specifications, but if you know anything about iPhones, you know that’s really irrelevant. Apple has always done a great job at launching fast phones on efficient specs, and with the iPhone 6, you finally have the option for a bigger display on that same guaranteed performance. Add the beautiful design of the phone to the mix, and it’s hard to admit that there is some desire involved. Whether it’s for media consumption, reading a book on the go, watching a video or playing a game require a big display, and the iPhone 6 finally solves that. iOS may not be your favorite OS because of its choice for Home Screen design, but if you leave that out, it still is one of the best and most reliable operating systems in the world, and with its selection of apps, it’s hard to go wrong with its user experience as well.

iOS 8 makes the Apple ecosystem more compelling

For the longest time, Apple has been the only company that actually gives you the added value of owning more than just one of its products. If you buy a Windows Computer, you’ll notice that there isn’t much benefit in owning a Windows Phone. The same can be said about owning a Chromebook or an Android Tablet if you also have an Android phone. After using the HTC One M8 for a few months, I’ve learned that there is a lot that I miss about Apple’s way of doing things.

For example: I own a Mac for my video editing duties, and I own an iPad because it’s still the better tablet to choose from. I know there are a ton of third party options to sync your photos with, but none works better and more seamlessly than iCloud. I take a photo now, and it’s available everywhere in a few seconds. I buy a song here, and it downloads everywhere. My iPad apps usually have an iPhone version of the app; where as using an Android phone requires me to purchase the same app twice.

With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, features like Continuity make things even better. Get a call on your iPhone, pick it up on the Mac. Get an SMS on the iPhone that’s charging in the other room, but it’s available on your Mac an iPad too. This added value is definitely something that keeps you locked to the Apple ecosystem, and that makes it worth buying in, coming back, or missing it all together.

The Apple Watch

iphone-6-iwatchAs much as I wanted to buy a Moto 360 to go with my HTC One M8, the terrible reports on battery life keep me away. Our own Android Wear reviews keep me away as well. It seems that Google still needs to work on getting it right, so much so that I feel that the only company that actually understands what’s important to a smartwatch is still Pebble.

Today’s announcement of the Apple Watch might have left with a little disappointment because of the launch date, but everything else that I saw makes me believe that Apple is on to something big here. Obviously we have to test it to confirm, but the design options, the software, and the integration with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 make want to wait for it. It doesn’t work with anything other than an iPhone anyway, so I’m pretty much forced to go back if I want to try it. My trusty first-generation Pebble will keep me company during that period, which in many ways works better with iOS than with Android.

The bottom line

Your mileage may vary. If you don’t own an iPad or a Mac, or if you really like what you see with Android Wear, then any Android smartphone would be a better pick for you. My particular case is different, though I’m sure I do speak for many of you as well. Owning Apple products has its fair share of benefits, and until Google and Microsoft figure out ways to improve the integration between products, many of us will remain drifting back to iPhones over and over.

Which is your case? Would you consider ditching your current device for an iPhone 6? Let us know in the comments down bellow.

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