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See what I did in the headline there? I’m so funny, I should be punched in the face…

apple-stageZOMG!!! It’s here! It’s here! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not all that excited about the phone itself. But my hiatus of reporting iPhone rumors is here. Yes, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus both launched on Tuesday to much hoopla and celebration. There were standing ovations, and everything. The iPhone is bigger and biggerer now, so go give those a look.

iphone 6 plus vs galaxy note 4 thumbWith great size comes great comparisons. So it’s only natural that we take the iPhone 6 and the 6 plus out for a spin on the How-does-it-compare-to-the-Note-4 highway. We match up these flagships – released within a week of each other – and see how they stand toe to toe, mono-a-mono. The specs fall largely on the Samsung size, with the exception of storage space, but let’s face it, we’ve all picked our poisons by now haven’t we?\

one-m9-concept-1In a week that contained our iPhone announcements, one of our most popular stories was none other than a render of what an HTC fan would like a One M9 to be. Well, I guess since we’re fresh out of the iPhone rumors, we can crank up another rumor mill. The high end specs popped into this baby certainly fall into the premium range. I wonder just how feasible this concept is. But what the heck, it sure looks nice!

no-one-jobsWell, we’ll give Samsung this much. They’re fast. Not even a day after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released, Samsung released video advertisements that mocked them. This was either insanely fast post production, or a pretty big gamble on Samsung’s part that the features they mocked would come to fruition. Still, it’s not like Samsung is a stranger to throwing money at a problem. Some of the points are funny, others, well, give them a watch.

iPhone6-guilty-780-WebJaime lays out his reasons for wanting to switch back to iOS after six agonizing months on Android. He cites a number of compelling reasons why iOS deserves our hard earned dollars. To be honest, I can’t say I entirely disagree with him, especially on the ecosystem point. But one of his reasons – the Apple Watch – won’t even be around until 2015. I’m not sure Jaime can hang on that long, though to be honest, I never really believed he left in the first place.

iphone6-vs-6-plusWhat better way to show off two new iPhones than to put them head to head and let them beat themselves into submission. This piece does just that with the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. What makes these beasts tick? What makes them go? What makes them cry? Do they like the Cubs or the White Sox? Find out that and more as we got these boys side-by-side for your viewing pleasure.

iphone 6 vs androidJoe Levi has a wake up call for some of ya’ll. In one of the more…aggressive…articles of the week, Joe pits his beloved Android up against everything Apple had to announce at its event. Spoiler alert – he wasn’t impressed. There are some solid points here. Apple is largely catching up to Android in a lot of ways – both hardware and software – but it just makes me wonder, can’t we all just get along?

iwatch-goldApple didn’t just have a phone to show us, and not just two phones either. Apple also had its fabled iWatch, or Apple Watch as they have christened it, to show off to the masses. This is a very attractive accessory that attracted technology geeks and watch geeks the world over. That being said, it’s fair to point out that the Apple watch mimics a lot of Android Wear functionality, with a different UI and a few extra features. But it’s awesome for iOS users, so yay technology! Give it a look.

iphone-innovationTaylor Martin is up next pointing out the state of Apple as he sees it. He argues that Apple has become nothing more than a me too company. That’s a pretty heady statement, but it’s backed up with some compelling points. But it begs the question, if Apple is becoming a me too company, who is it going to me too? Apple used to lead the charge and now its falling back to the pack and even playing catch up. Interesting times we live in.

best smartphoneFinally, the entire Pocketnow crew sounds off on their favorite smartphones of the Fall (pre iPhone, which may have changed the results slightly). Everything from the most powerful flagship all the way down to the the most budget friendly pocket rider was represented by our wide range of opinions. Why don’t you click on over and let us know what your favorite was?


This week, let’s face it, there were a ton of videos. Our featured videos on this segment are all of the Motorola devices we unboxed, and a link to the rest of our IFA videos because there’s a lot of see.

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